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Barley - Micronized Flakes

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Net Weight :

25 KGS

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Description & Benefits

 ·        Imported Product and Distributed by Vetplus Sdn Bhd

·        Cooked Barley, in flaked form.

·        Micronization is a process, utilizing Infra-red rays to heat and cook whole grains

·        Micronized Barley Flakes may be incorporated in Feeds for any Animals


Why Does Your Horse Need Micronized Grains?

·        Enhanced digestibility and increased nutritional value

·        Starches are broken down and absorbed mainly in the small intestine as simple sugars

·        Less starch passes to the large intestine and caecum. There is less fermentation of starches in the hindgut, leading to a reduction of lactic acid uptake and lowering the incidence of acidosis and laminitis

·        Less antagonism of normal hindgut fermentation of fibre, hence less colic

·        Extremely palatable flavours, particularly useful when fed as part of a coarse feed mix


Nutritional Analysis