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Wheat Bran

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Net Weight :

25 & 50 KGS

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Description & Benefits

 Wheat Bran is a by-product of what flour milling and popular as a laxative feed for stabled horses. Fibre in bran holds an additional reserve of water in the hindgut, which in large amounts produces softer, moister droppings.

Bran contains useful levels of B-group vitamins, including niacin, pantothenic acid and folic acid.


Recommendations / Feeding Directions

 Calcium, Zinc and Iron supplements should not be mixed into large amounts of bran, as they may become bound to the phytate in the small intestine and less will be absorbed. Calcium especially, should be fed in the main feed rather than in a bran mash. Calcium can be added to rations containing a small amount of bran as an appetizer without significantly its uptake.


Nutritional Analysis

 (Average value as fed, 90% Dry Matter, unless otherwise stated)