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Performa Breeder Mix

Horse Feed For Top Performance ~ No Magic Just Good Science

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20 KGS

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Description & Benefits


A palatable highly digestible mix of grains fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Breeder has been formulated to maximize milk production in lactating mares. After foaling nutrient requirements increase dramatically e.g. the demand for the essential amino acid lysine more than doubles compared to late pregnancy and this must be supplied in the diet as it cannot be manufactured in the body. As most horse feeds are poor sources of lysine. Breeder has been for fortified with manufactured Lysine to ensure an adequate highly digestible supply for even the best producing mares.

If the increased nutrient demands are not met from the feed, over time the mare will deplete her own body reserves to the point where milk products and foal development will be adversely affected. Breeder supplies what is needed to maintain the mare in top condition while she feeds a strong healthy foal.

When fed at the recommended rate, Breeder will also promote sound development of young horses to their full genetic potential. Due to the high quality amino acid profile and good protein to energy ratio, young horses will develop muscle and bone and grow at the rate they are supposed. This will result in strong healthy individuals which are ready to withstand the rigors of a racing campaign.


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