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E.S.E. (Advanced)

Oral vitamin E and selenium for horses

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Net Weight :

2.50 & 10 KGS

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Description & Benefits

It is an Oral Vitamin E and Selenium for Horses, proven biological anti oxidant with an important protective role for muscle membranes. The requirement for Advanced-ESe is increased in animals regularly undergoing strenuous exercise.


Selenium is an essential trace element and a component of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase and is proven to have excellent results in preventing muscle damage.


Advanced E-Se has both Selenium and Vitamin E, as they are essential proven ingredients in maintaining muscle health in horses. Advanced E-Se has excellent stability, high biological activity and is palatable.


Mix Well with Feed.


Nutritional Analysis / Ingredients

Guaranteed Minimum Level Per Kilogram Premix:

d, l alpha-Tocopheral acetate

(Vitamin E) - 66,667 l.U./KG

(as sodium selenite)