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Hoof Lube

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2.50, 5 & 20 LTS

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Description & Direction

A premium quality hoof oil which contains 100% natural healing ingredients. It is an easy to use, brush on lubricant which has been designed to assist in the growth of healthy hooves.


·         Made from the finest natural ingredients which are completely safe for you and your horse to use.

·         Contains natural healing oils, animal fats and lanolin which have an excellent ability to maintain a healthy hoof moisture balance in dry and wet conditions.

·         Helps to prevent splitting, chipping, cracking and contraction by nourishing hooves and giving them flexibility.

·         Contains Eucalyptus Oil and Stockholm Tar which are natural antiseptics to help aid in the control of bacterial diseases in hooves, including thrush, greasy heel, mud fever and seedy toe.

·         Does not contain artificial colouring, fragrance or chemicals.


Regular use will help to produce and maintain a healthy hoof.


This lubricant formula is easy to use in cooler weather than a solid dressing and is simply applied with a soft brush. When applying, pay particular attention to the coronet band and hoof wall.