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Buffering agent and mild diureti

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Net Weight :

5 & 20 LTS

Packaging Type :



Description & Benefits

Neutralizer aids in the treatment of acidosis and dehydration as a mild diuretic and urinary buffer, it’s can be used as supportive therapy in the treatment of kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections.


Neutralizer encourages horses to drink more, flushing the kidneys of lactic acid and other toxins.


Helps and neutralize the built up lactic acid in the muscles, which commonly occurs after hard or fast work, like racing. Lactic acid build up is the major cause of tied-up syndrome, muscle stiffness and soreness.



Tied up syndrome, acidosis and dehydration conditions requiring mild dieresis and buffering in horses, supportive treatment in kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections in horses.


Recommendations / Feeding Directions

Ensure an adequate supply of clean drinking water is accessible. Give dehydrated horses a supplementary daily mineral salt ration.


Disposal: Empty container may be triple rinsed with water and re-user


With holding period: NIL


Storage: Store below 30oc room temperature and reseal after use



For 450kgs Horse

Add 30ml to the feed daily

Following hard or fast work, racing give 50ml by syringing over the back of the tongue


Nutritional Analysis

Active Constituents:

Sodium Acid Citrate 283.3 gm/lt