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007 Salt Mineral Block

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Description & Benefits

Suitable for all livestock, treatment only 

A multi-mineral supplement containing calcium and phosphorus and essential trace minerals, it is giving race, show and work horses extra vigor, stamina and muscle and bone strength.

Field tests have shown that it’s helps brood mares produce sound foals and helps keep stallions in top condition without pilling on fat.

The balanced levels of Calcium and Phosphorus in the brick build stronger bones in growing foals, and replenishes, theses minerals drawn from the mare’s reserves during pregnancy and lactation.

This product does not contain restricted animal material.


Recommendations / Feeding Directions

·        1 block should last for 3 weeks

·        1 block per head

·        Place in block holder or troughs

·        Replace immediately when consumed

·        Place away from water to maximize pasture utilization

If consumption rate is higher than this at first, it merely indicates a mineral / trace element deficiency in the animal which is greater than normal. The horse will lick for what it needs, then, with its hidden hunger satisfied, daily consumption will settle down.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes 

Store below 30oC, room temperature


Ingredients & Nutritional Analysis