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Hay - Timothy

Double Compressed

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20 KGS

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Description & Benefits

Timothy (phleum pratense) hay is increasingly popular grass hay, highly favored by horse owners around the globe. Canada is world-renowned for producing high quality timothy hay and sets the standard for other international timothy producers. Timothy hay is grown in nearly every region of Canada.

In addition to being the premium forage for horses, timothy is highly popular for dairy cows and other livestock. In Japan, for example, timothy is preferred forage for high producing dairy cows because of its palatability, consistency of texture, and impact on rumen stimulation. Diets with high levels of concentrate require a consistent supply of roughage to maintain rumen pH levels. Timothy provides effective digestible fiber in a highly palatable format.

The timothy plant prefers a slightly damp, moderate climate with cool evenings and warm days. If growing conditions are too warm, the timothy plant develops a coarse stem by increasing the amount of lignin in the plant cell structure. Overly coarse stems may cause the hay to become unpalatable to some livestock, especially high producing dairy cows. The cool evenings experienced in most of the hay regions of Canada allow the timothy plant to grow less rapidly and thereby retain its softer stem structure.

Timothy hay is distinguished from other grass hays by its distinctive long head, pale green color and fresh, sweet aroma when harvested under optimum conditions.


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