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Iron Folic Acid

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Net Weight :

4 & 8 KGS

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Description & Benefits

Iron Folic Acid when feed daily will assist in the prevention of anemia due to iron deficiency, which may be caused by the stress of training, racing, worm infections and depleted pastures, improves red blood cell production and oxygen capacity of the blood.


Anemia due to iron deficiency which may be caused by the stresses of training, racing, worm infestations and depleted pastures. Animals suffering from this type of anemia have lower than normal hemoglobin and therefore a lowered oxygen carrying capacity.


Recommendations / Feeding Directions

Dosage & Administration:
1 level measure = 5 g
Mix 1 level measure daily into feed slightly dampened with water or molasses.


Avoid mixing with Vitamin E supplements as iron can destroy this vitamin. Give Iron and Vitamin E at separate feeds.


Store below 30 °C (Room Temperature)

Protect from moisture

Reseal after use


Nutritional Analysis