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Performa Cool Feed

horse Feed For Top Performance ~ No Magic Just Good Science

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20 KGS

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Description & Benefits

A highly palatable, balanced feed formulated to provide a source of 'cool', controlled release energy for all forms of equestrian training and competition.  

Provides responsive but controlled energy to horses that become over energetic and hard to handle when fed on oats and raw grains to help ensure they remain cool, calm and collected when exercised.



Owners and riders of equestrian horses want their horses to be in good condition but with predictable and calm temperament when exercised during training and competition.

§  Scientifically formulated to provide adequate and usable forms of energy in a cool, 'low heating' blend that ensures responsive power and stamina for a variety of equestrian activities.

 § Based on highly digestible pressure-cooked maize & barley which provide usable but controlled energy, complemented by non-starch energy sources provided by cracked lupins and specially blended vegetable oil for Omega 3 and Omega-6 fats for health and to maintain coat condition and a lustrous coat shine.

 §  Provides a comprehensive range of essential bone minerals, trace minerals for metabolic function, electrolytes and vitamins for health, vitality and willingness to exercise and work, especially under hot, tropical conditions. 


Recommendations / Feeding Directions

Introduce COOL FEED by starting at half the recommended daily amount, increasing to the full amount over 5-7 days. Do not feed more than 3.0 kg of COOL FEED in any one feed to ensure optimum digestion.

Adjust line amount provided to the daily work level and the individual horse's temperament, body weight and desired condition.


Reduce the amount of COOL FEED to one third on rest days, making up the bulk with chaff of hay. Under hot conditions, an extra supplement of salts, such as Vetplus HEAVY SWEAT ELECTROLYTE is recommended, along with an adequate supply of cool, clean water at all times.


Ingredients & Nutritional Analysis