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Net Weight :

3 & 15 KGS

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Description & Benefits

ZANOL is a natural sterol compound extract from rice bran oil.


Its effect is comparable to body & muscle building benefits. Studies have indicated that it acts by increasing the secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland which provides a basis for its anabolic and nitrogen retention in building muscle tissues.


It is a much safer means of providing anabolic effects and because it is a natural compound, given with food, it has no known harmful side effects.


Recommendations / Feeding Directions

Racing statement:

Administration of Zanol at the recommended dose rate and frequency on the day of competition will not contravene drug regulations current at the time of product manufacture.

Feed 30gms = (1 level scoopful) per 450kg body weight per day


Store below 25°c (air conditioning)

Replace lid tightly after use and store in a dry place.



Nutritional Analysis / Ingredients