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Performa Racing Fast

Horse Feed For Top Performance ~ No Magic Just Good Science

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20 KGS

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Description & Benefits

 Horses trained under hot, tropical conditions require a highly digestible feed blend that reduces heat production during the digestive process. The inclusion of pressure-cooked or extruded Barley & Corn, Cracked Lupins & Sunflower Seed, combined with specially blended vegetable oils, provides highly usable energy and protein with minimal and low heat generation during digestion. Whole Oats are included to provide a palatable feed that horses readily recognize and accept.


-      Highly digestible energy for exercise

-      High quality protein to build muscle and blood

-      Adequate calcium, phosphorus and magnesium for bone and joint soundness.

-      Iron, copper and cobalt for blood cell production

-      Selenium and Vitamin E for muscle strength

-      Zinc, manganese and copper for optimum metabolic function and joint cartilage health.

-      Balanced electrolytes to replace sweat loss, ensure water intake and promote optimum muscle function

-      Full range of vitamins for metabolic function and to help maintain the appetite and tendon strength

-      Omega 3 and Omega 6 oil blend for optimum muscle function.


Recommendations / Feeding Directions



-      For optimum digestion of oats and cooked grain, feed an equal volume, but no more than twice the volume of chaff with each meal. Commence on half the recommended amount initially. Increasing to the full amount over 4-7 days.

-      Avoid feeding more than 2.5kg Racing Fast in each meal to smaller horses, or more than 3.5kg to larger horses to ensure optimum digestion.

-     Reduce the amount of Racing Fast to one third on rest or light work (see table above), making up the bulk with chaff or hay. An additional supplement of salts, such as VETPLUS HEAVY SWEAT should be provided to heavy sweating or dehydrated horses, along with access to a continuous supply of cool, clean water.


Ingredients & Nutritional Analysis