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Chaff - Lucerne/Alfalfa

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Net Weight :

25 & 28 KGS

Packaging Type :


Description & Benefits

 Recommended as a supplementary feed for:-

·        Resting Horses

·        Lightly worked Horses

Lucerne Chaff has the same nutritional value as Lucerne Hay on a weight basis but because of the small fragment size, it is more bulky. It can therefore be used to increase the bulk and fibre content of a grain based concentrate feed.

It is usually more palatable and consumed more readily than dry cereal chaff when mixed into a hard feed, although all dusty chaff should be dampened prior to feeding.


It is free flowing and green in color and has a high leaf to stem content with minimum dust or bleached leaves. It should be free from mould odor or clumping.


Nutritional Analysis