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Rice Power Pellets

Horse Feed For Top Performance ~ No Magic Just Good Science

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Net Weight :

20 KGS

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Description & Benefits


Is scientifically formulated from rice and bran with added high quality protein, vegetable oil and fortified with essential minerals, trace minerals and vitamins. The larger pellet size promotes chewing and digestion and minimizes the risk of gut ulcers and dust induced airway disease under hot, humid environments.

§  'Cool and Calm' for Equestrian Horses

§  'Speed, Stamina and Staying Power' for Racing, Polo and Eventing

§  Promotes Growth and Development in Young Horses

§  Non-dusty, highly palatable, extruded pelleted feed that is well accepted by all horses


What Are The Benefits? 

1.    Energy in rice is 100% digestible in horses, providing both a 'cool' and sustained source of available energy for a variety of equestrian and performance horse activities.

2.    Rice bran contains essential highly digestible fibre, as well as a natural source of gamma-oryzanol-a rice hormone that assists in maintaining muscle and stamina in hard worked horses and gives a 'top line' in show and equestrian horses.

3.    Vegetable Oil is included to promote coat condition, complemented with Equimin, Vitamin, Mineral & Trace Mineral Premix provided by Advanced Feeds, Perth, Australia.

4.    The high digestibility of rice minimizes the 'heat of fermentation' during digestion, reducing the overall amount of heat that has to be dissipated under hot, humid conditions.


Recommendations / Feeding Directions

§  When large amounts are being offered, introduce Rice Power in a step-wise manner over 7-10 days.

§  Ensure adequate roughage as chaff, hay or grazing is provided to daily requirements.

§  The pellets may be fed dry or dampened just prior to feeding. Molasses may be added to sweeten the total feed mix to reduce dust in chaff and roughage.

§  Ensure an adequate supply of cool, clean water at all times.

§  Do not feed more than 4KG of Rice Power Pellets in any single feed. 


Ingredients & Nutritional Analysis